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I am a software developer (front-end, back-end, back-office), database admin, and a Linux (POSIX) system administrator that also does graphic design (color, layout, etc for web pages) as needed specializing in information systems with 30+ years experience.


  • family, for buying hardware and sofware starting when I was in 6th grade, and for helping and supporting me to this day.
  • ray, whom I was privileged to shadow for a number of years
  • pat, for being my first part-time job writing programs (~1987)
  • ivars, for being my first part-time job helping to run a dialup ISP
  • jim l, for giving me my first student employee job at emich (~1990)
  • goddard lab (emich), for teaching me how to help with programs without doing the work for the student, and for special access to the lab so I could play MUD until all hours even during finals week
  • james (and randy), for hiring me into their department several times
  • tom, for encouraging me to apply for a job at ANS (~1995)
  • lam, my first third shift hotdog at ANSNOC, for encouraging me to automate what I considered menial tasks and for the weekly 45 minute pre-maintenance-window combination smoke break and planning sessions.
  • jwelch for being the best hotdog ever despite my initial "wtf?" (which he heard) when he was being fast tracked to hotdog.
  • phil, for being a helpful ear during times of difficult customer situations to this day.
  • ken, for giving me the freedom I needed on a huge project and treating me right.
  • billy, for ripping me off and teaching me a few lessons in the process. gained exp with bootstrap, the ebay api, two factor auth, etc. he also got me a VM for a good price which I use to this day.
  • chris, for deciding that django was the best way to go for his project (atlas)
  • not-tck-tom, a dorm floor-mate from emich, for finding tickets to a pink floyd concert when we were in college and had not yet found full time jobs. I got hired by ANSNOC, he got a job at a shop (white collar vs. blue collar). sadly, he left this world way too early because DUI. I heard the news while I was on shift and was so distraught that the hotdog (lam) sent me home early. he comes through now and again when he knows I need him. I still miss him all these years later.