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Site News

    bbsengine3.js: use of singleton pattern for the bbsengine instance; polling for notifies and the clock simplified with additional methods; timezone added to clock

    getbbsengine() has been changed so that it only creates one instance of the bbsengine object per page.this change is backwards compatible with the old way of returning multiple instances.

    added initvisibilityeventhandler(), addinterval(), restartintervals(), and cancelintervals() methods to bbsengine3.js. modified notify.js and clock.js to use addinterval() instead of setting up the event handling per module which meant elimination of a lot of duplicate code. addinterval() checks a boolean to decide if the event handling needs to be set up, so that it is only done once.

    the clock now displays an abbreviation for the local time zone of the browser. this is done entirely client side and no polling of my server is done (and anyone is free to use the source if there is a question).

    topbar now makes smooth transition to fixed thanks to a friend on irc

    over the last couple of days a friend I met on IRC has been helping improve zoidweb2. specifically, he has made some changes to the 'topbar' (which contains the digital clock with flashing colon) so that it transitions more smoothly to 'fixed' from 'relative' positioning instead of 'jumping'. the fix was to wrap the topbar in a div.

    tooltips updated to make the same request exactly once saving bandwidth and ram

    tooltips were working for posts and mantra details except that an AJAX request was made for every url even if it had already been loaded. this wastes bandwidth and RAM and I set about making it more efficient.

    today (2015-sep-15) I got some help from some nice people in ##javascript on freenode that helped me save resources when doing tooltips.

    the trouble I was having was that the cache was always initialized to empty. I thought at first it was a scoping problem which was not the case.

    behind the scenes, the AJAX requests are asynchronous. in the working javascript there is an array (list) that keeps track of the pending AJAX requests. on AJAX success, the list entry corresponding to the url is deleted and the response is pushed to the cache which is used to display the tooltip with exactly one AJAX request per unique url.

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